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Cycling Analysis

Rider questionnaire

We give you and a questionnaire and interview you to determine your goals and aspirations, weekly ride time, and your limitations including injury history both on and off the bike. This information is essential to the Bikefit process and helps us determine the best position centred on your type of riding and objectives.

Physical Examination and Functional Movement Screen

A thorough physical examination is essential to a good bikefit. Flexibility, range of motion and a detailed biomechanical and movement analysis is made to help us identify your weaknesses, asymmetries and movement issues.

Pre Analysis and Adjustments

Whether on your own bike or the RetRetül Müve fit bike an assessment is made of your current riding position using the Retül 3D motion capture system and Gebiomized pressure mapping systems. With this information we can tell you and illustrate to you where adjustments and improvements can be made in terms of your position, your posture and pedalling technique.

Adjustments begin with the foot-shoe -pedal interface. Cleats are adjusted, insoles may be recommended to ensure the foot is stable and to reduce the likely hood of injury.

Saddle and handlebar adjustments are made and set. Different saddle choices may be tested and recommended to you to ensure maximum comfort on the bike.

Final Analysis and Position Data Recorded

Once the final position has been dialled in an assessment is made to record your position and the bike geometry is recorded using the Retül "Zin" tool. All the information, as well as photos, is packed into a PDF file and emailed to you for future reference.